Training Classes

Let Us Teach You!

As a company we value the large knowledge base we have accumulated over the years and as ambassadors of our trade we feel it is important to help spread this knowledge. We offer educational clinics, internships, and multi-day trainings:

Get Your Goat! Goat Care Clinics

Twice a year, or by request, we offer a one day “Get Your Goat” clinic. We cover what is involved with getting started with a goat herd from what breed works best for your purposes to proper nutrition and regular care, to what vet supplies are best kept on hand. Including hands on demos with haltering, hoof trimming, and basic medical care.


Interns are immersed in the small business environment and closely involved in the animal care. Our internship can be tailored to fit specific interests and experience. If enrolled in one of the five-colleges in the area interns can receive credit for working with us from their school.

2-Day Brush Clearing Startup Training
Trainings and Clinics!

We stay local with our goats, so if we do not service your area you might want to start up your own brush clearing herd. We share our business model, how to market and get clients, tricks to fencing goats out on jobs, best practices for keeping a healthy brush clearing herd, and more in our 2- day training.